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Can I hire an additional driver?

Yes, you can hire up to three additional drivers. This option can be formalized at the time of the reservation or at the office when you pick up the vehicle. It is necessary for all drivers to present their documentation.

This is a free service.

Is there a mileage limitation?

Yes, there is a mileage limitation of 150km per day. In case of exceeding this limit it will have an additional cost.

Who is authorized to drive the vehicle?

The only persons authorised to drive the vehicle are those who appear as the lead driver or additional drivers in the rental contract.

Remember that if any incident occurred with an unauthorized driver, the contracted coverage (the vehicle insurance) could not be applied.

Is there a delivery service for home vehicles?

We have the free service of delivery and pick-up, hotel or airport. This service is subject to availability.

Can I travel with my rental car outside the country?

No, our vehicles can only drive in Spain.

What is a franchise and how does it work?

A franchise is the maximum amount (*) you would have to pay in case of damage to the vehicle.

By signing the rental agreement the entire franchise is blocked. If you return the car without damage, the amount retained is unlocked and returned instantly when you return the vehicle. In case of returning the car with damages, we will charge the amount of that damage, depending on the cost, being able to reach the maximum of the franchise.

(*) Except in cases of negligence.

-What documents do I have to file to remove the vehicle?

  • Passport or ID in force
  • Driving license in force
  • Credit/debit card in case you want top ay in this way


-What type of fuel does the vehicle use?

The type of fuel used by the vehicle is indicated in the contract. Please check it out before refuelling. If you have doubts, at the gas station you ask for help. If there’s no one to help you, please contact us.

At the Spanish gas stations you will find two types of benzine:
95 and 98. Both are suitable for petrol vehicles.

In case of a fuel failure, don’t start the vehicle and immediately contact the Department of Road Assistance.

How is the price of the fuel tank calculated?

The calculation will depend on several factors: the market price of the fuelat the moment, the corresponding capacity of the tank and the type of fuel recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Can I pay in cash? Or, what forms of payment do they exist? How can I pay?

In Easy Tour you can pay by credit/debit card or cash.

The allowed cards are VISA and MasterCard.

The credit or debit card with which the payment has been made must be presented by the holder at the time of the delivery of the vehicle.


-In case of breakdown or accident, will I be given a replacement vehicle?

Unless the fault/accident is the result of negligence on its part, we must first know what has happened and we will assess the situation.

Please note that depending on the circumstances in which the breakdown/accident occurred, you may be asked for a security deposit at the office, which will be returned to you once it is found that there has been no negligent action on your part.

Please note that Easy Tour does not have more offices, so the replacement vehicle can only be collected at the main office or the surrounding area according to availability.

How can I recover my vehicle if the tow truck has taken it?

Please contact the Local Police in the area. Please contact the municipal vehicle depot and pay the corresponding fine plus the vehicle’s driving costs. Easy Tour is not responsible for the recovery of the vehicle in these cases.

Note: Remember to carry with you the rental contract and your personal documents to be able to recover the vehicle.

Should I change the wheel if I have suffered a puncture or car tire damage?

Yes, the pricks or damage in the tires are in charge of the customer. If you do not find a workshop nearby, you can contact us to provide the necessary assistance.

What can I do if the vehicle has suffered a breakdown?

  • If the vehicle can circulate (averies such as problems on the radio, air conditioning, GPS, MiFi, broken window, claxon, etc.) you should contact us or go to our office, where if necessary we will deliver a replacement vehicle.
  • If an indicator light has been lit on the panel please contact us.
  • If the vehicle cannot circulate contact us and with the Department of Road Assistance, the telephone number is indicated in the glove box.

How should I act in case of an accident?

  • If you, any of your companions and/or the occupants of the opposing vehicle are injured and/or need health assistance, call the Emergency Phone 112 immediately.
  • Please be very careful when leaving the vehicle and properly point out the area. In the trunk you will find the necessary security elements.
  • If there are no injuries, please collect all information regarding the incident. In the vehicle’s glove box you will find a “Friendly Accident Declaration” model.
  • Within a maximum of 48 hours, please provide the documentation in our office.
  • If the vehicle can circulate you should go to our office and deliver the documentation relating to the accident. The replacement of the vehicle shall be managed, if it’s necessary.
  • If the vehicle cannot circulate, please contact the Road Assistance.

What should I do if I want to extend the duration of my rent?

If you have already picked up the car and you need to extend the duration of the rental, you must come with the rental car to our office, since we need a new contract signing to be able to proceed to the extension.

Do I get something back if I deliver the vehicle before the end date of the contract?

No. The contract marks the duration of the rent; if it is returned before, nothing is reimburse. Although in some exceptional situation the case could be considered in particular.

Can I book a vehicle and return it out of office opening hours?

Our office has a reduced schedule, you will only be able to select the return hours in which there will be staff to attend. The hourly availability is from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 and the Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00.


Cleaning of the vehicle

Not returning the vehicle under the same conditions as those in which it was delivered to you can generate additional charges.

Returning the vehicle under inadequate conditions may result in extra costs arising from an additional cleaning service. The maximum amount to be charged is 120 €.

How can I get my bill?

After the end of the rental period, you can request your invoice indicating the necessary data for this one.

If you want to change any information or to put the invoice in the name of a company you can do so by writing a message to our email: or by contacting us at 605 902 280.

How long does it take to return the deposit?

The refund is done automatically after returning the vehicle and the refund on your card balance depends on your bank. Remember that this amount is always returned in the account associated with the credit/debit card with which you made the payment.

Can I return my car outside the scheduled time?

You have three hours of courtesy on the schedule. If the time of return is 08:00 in your reservation and the vehicle is returned at 10:45 we will not charge anything.

If, the return of the vehicle is done with more than this delay time we can make a charge of the amount corresponding to the extra days of rent.

Have you received a fine or a notice of identification a fine?

If the vehicle receives a fine during the period of validity of your rental, you are liable for the amount of the fine. The one that has sanctioned you will ask us for identifying data. You can receive possible discounts according to the type of sanction.

The penalty itself sends you the relevant Administration to your address. It may take a long time to receive it.

If you think it’s a mistake, contact us and we’ll help you in everything.